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Groundwater is classified as natural water that flows within aquifers beneath the water table. It replenishes from surface water and will eventually flow to the surface. Once it does, its specifically covered by surface water law. There are several areas of law that pertain to groundwater including new well proposals, inspections, basin boundaries and subterranean streams or rivers.

Being a groundwater attorney in Texas means that knowledge of the water code to the federal laws is absolutely necessary.

Utilize & Protect Texas’ Water

The Texas Water Code outlines numerous laws and regulations about water capture, sales and ownership rights. The limitations surrounding rule of capture can be broken down into common law exceptions and legislative exceptions. In addition, the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was passed in 1974 to protect public drinking water supplies throughout the nation. Groundwater Law in Texas must abide by numerous more state and federal laws.

It’s why homeowners, corporations and utility companies throughout Texas hire Fancher Legal PLLC.

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