Representation Throughout the State of Texas

Unlike groundwater, surface water belongs to the state of Texas. It can be utilized by a landowner but only with the state’s permission. Property owners can use surface water for livestock or domestic purposes. You’ll need a permit from the states for uses like irrigation and power generation. Examples of surface water are rivers, creeks, ponds, and natural lakes. Identifying water for your use is not as simple as it seems. You will also have to account for ground water, drainage water and the natural watercourse.

The complications surrounding surface water is why local entities choose us in the first place. We represent a broad spectrum of clients from landowners and businesses to government entities and non-profits.

True Insight into Surface Water Laws

Fancher Legal PLLC are who you need when it comes to your surface water legal rights. We have years of experience working on behalf of clients throughout Texas. We’re no stranger to paperwork and negotiations with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The TCEQ maintains surface permits and programs to protect Texas’ water for future generations. We can work to get you the proper water permits or allocation rights to surface water.

The state of Texas has certain modifications to the common enemy doctrine as well as numerous federal laws designed to protect water. We’re able to tell you which regulations pertain to your specific case and the best course to achieve a just result. 

Fancher Legal PLLC Texas Surface Water Law
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