Permitting & Representation Throughout Texas

Our firm focuses on TCEQ permitting, enforcement actions and even regulatory proceedings at the TCEQ offices in Austin, TX. Our efforts, led by attorney Kristen Fancher, have deep and sharp knowledge to protect and enforce water rights throughout the state. These abilities involve permits, landowner rights, and a foundation of general environmental law.

Protect Your Bottom Line from Fines and Legal Action 

The largest regulatory body in the state is The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The TCEQ adopts and enforces rules that protect the environment and people of Texas. These rules are designed to reduce and prevent pollution to protect the public’s health. Permits will allow you to operate within their rules to avoid warnings. If your business forgoes these permits, then you’re operating outside the law. The TCEQ will issue warnings and if left unheard they will bring legal action against the offenders.

If your operation has been flagged, you’ll receive a Notice of Enforcement (NOE). The TCEQ can pursue penalties through administrative orders or by referring the case to the attorney general. The latter avenue means court appearances and potential civil penalties. If you have received an enforcement notice, then make us your next call

Fancher Legal PLLC Texas TCEQ Permitting

Our TCEQ Services:

  • Water Quality Permits
  • Reporting & Notification Requirements
  • Permitting Requirements
  • Legal Matters Requiring Representation
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