Legal Services For Water Transactions in Texas

Fresh water supply is forecasted to become the next global crisis*. It’s important that landowners throughout Texas know their rights when it comes to water and water transactions. Fancher Legal PLLC will help you understand each aspect of your water rights and its transactions as it pertains to your case.

Whether you’re interested in selling your water stake or simply arranging for a limited time transaction, we’re here to help. We’ve helped clients sell and purchase water on a contractual basis to even the water rights themselves. Our experience includes advising clients on the buying, selling and leasing of surface and groundwater rights.

Forms of Water Transfer:

  • Sales of a Surface Water Right
  • Contract Sale of Surface Water
  • Lease of a Surface Water Right
  • Interbasin Transfer of Surface Water
  • Dry-Year Option Contracts – Surface Water
  • Transfers of Conserved Water – Surface Water or Groundwater
  • Sale/Lease of Groundwater
Fancher Legal PLLC Water Rights Transactions
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